About Us

Like every entrepreneur, we've experienced ups and downs, sometimes more downs than ups.

However, giving up is not in our DNA. We've learned from our mistakes and strive to be better in the next season.

Throughout this journey, we've learned that price, no matter how low, or the brevity of the supply chain between the field and the customer, or even quality, mean nothing without service and relationships.

That's why, when we talk about a new negotiation, it's not just a sale or a purchase for us; it's the beginning of a friendship. In our house, you're family.

Our Mission is to provide the highest quality fresh produce to our customers while ensuring fair compensation for our farmers.

We distinguish ourselves through our friendly and humble approach, fostering strong and lasting relationships with both our customers and collaborators.

What we've learned during this time:

No matter what happens in the exporting country, our customers require us to solve their fruit needs; the business can't stop.

It's better to acknowledge and rectify an error than to deny it.

Honesty and friendship are what our customers and suppliers value most.

Price is nothing without quality, quality is nothing without compliance, compliance is nothing without quality, and vice versa.

Our Vision is to be leaders in the produce industry in America, providing quality, transparency, and lasting relationships to both our customers and suppliers, ensuring our consistency and relationships endure over time.

Our Values