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From orchards to shelf
We’re growers, packers, shippers and distributors of the finest Mexican Hass avocados year round.
Premium quality always on time, wherever you are.
Being vertically integrated gives us the capability to bring the same high quality globally with a direct emphasis from the orchard to your business.
We offer 52-week conventional and organic programs in bulk and bag packaging with all food safety certifications, personally taking care of each step of the way until delivery.
We are a costumer first and detail oriented, emerging factor of the avocado supply that is investing in the future and will always be certified and sustainable, responsible to our clients, employees and community.
Rest assured we are packing the best certified avocados
We’re a company dedicated to grow, harvest, pack and distribute Hass avocado with competitive price and the highest quality both in our service and in the fruit, so that we can guarantee our clients’ satisfaction.
+1 (805) 660 54 19
Westlake Village, CAL.
Phar, TX.
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